Below is a summary of topics available, which expanded through Training Managers’ requests, so please ask if your needs are not currently on the list.

Introduction to Housing
People, completely new to housing will benefit greatly from this course. Understanding the background and history of housing in the UK, learning some of the jargon and appreciating the different facets of a Housing Organisation will all be covered in this course.


Introduction to Repairs
This course is ideal for anyone new to dealing with repairs. It covers why repairs occur, reasons to repair and legal obligations for repair. It also includes a basic guide to construction and services.

Repairs for front line staff
This course is similar in content to an Introduction to Repairs, however it focuses on staff taking repairs either at a reception or over the phone.

Repairs for Housing Officers
Includes some of the information in Introduction to Repairs, however it focuses on staff who actually go out of the office and see problems rather than have them described to them.

Void Management
Aimed at any staff who are involved in the management of void properties. The course includes a short history of allocations and the reasons why void properties occur and the legal obligations during the void process.It covers good practice in void management and looks at ways to reduce both void cost and turn around time.

Dampness, Condensation and other Major Problems
This course looks at different reasons why dampness occurs and explores why Condensation is such a common problem. It covers health issues and examines the landlords’ legal obligations. It also considers other major property defects such as rot, wood infestation, settlement, subsidence, slip and heave.

All of the above courses can be tailored and elements of any can be combined to suit your specific requirements.


Successful Time Management
If you find that there is never enough hours in the day and you are constantly juggling priorities then this is the course for you.

Customer Care
It’s an old adage, “If there were no customers there would be no business.” This course is designed at the customer situation within housing organisations.

Professional Reception Skills
The reception area within your organisation is the first place where people have visual contact with you. Make sure that your reception, staff and processes are welcoming, efficient and professional.

Presentation Skills
Whether you have to answer questions at a tenants’ meeting, present for an interview or address the board, it is important that you are clear and confident. This course explores the best way to prepare, allows some short practise and offers tips on how to control nerves.

Advanced Presentation Skills
If you already present regularly, but feel that you could be more confident and persuasive, then this is the course for you.The tips learned here will allow you to become a stand-out speaker and give your presentations the “wow” factor.

Stress Management
With all of the demands on a housing organisation in the 21st century, it is not unusual for staff to become stressed and anxious. This course looks at the reasons for stress developing, the physical impact it can make on the body and most importantly ways to combat this.

Training for Trainers
Sometimes people have expert knowledge in their field, but have difficulty getting it across to others. This course will give them the necessary skills and understanding to develop and present successful training courses.

Introduction to Supervision
This course is designed for staff on the first level of management. It will cover delegation, motivation and staff management.

Successful Meetings
Having a meeting sounds like a simple thing, get a few people together and have a chat about the chosen topic.However as we all know poorly organised meetings can waste a lot of time and have no successful outcome. This course will provide the skills to organise and participate in successful meetings.

Health and Safety
There are many aspects to Health and Safety and some of the following topics can be combined into a tailor made course ideal for your organisation and your staff.
Risk management
Personal safety
Lone working
Dealing with aggressive customers
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Health and Safety Executive and legislation